We provide quality art printing and framing. We exhibit works of art and arrange exhibitions. With equal care we approach the smallest tasks.
We provide the professional advice.
Our gallery, set in the old lace factory, exhibits photographs and engravings created by regarded Polish artists.
We are proud of the professional team including highly educated designers, with extensive knowledge of fine arts and materials:



For eight years she has been printing, framing and scanning for recognized Polish photographers and graphic artists. She’s perfectionist and almost a wizard: when a job must be done in a rush, she slows down the time saving many exhibitions.
She thinks walking is not practical, so she prefers roller blades than high heels.
On the weekends she travels with her dog, Barry, preferably in Roztocze Valley.



manages the workshop. He cuts glass and doesn’t make even a slimmest mistake.
He used to develop pictures in a darkroom, and for the last ten years he has been framing works of art. Nothing is impossible for him, the sky is the limit. The family is his life. He also likes jogging in Kampinos Forest with his dog Nela.


I Do Art.